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Origin:  Lehigh Valley - Scranton, PA

Genres:  Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk

Years Active:  2016- Present


Short Bio

All you need to know is there's three boys Dylan (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Matt (Bass/Backup Vocals) and Tanner (Drums). They are three best friends with a brotherly bond who brings their outgoing personalities both off and on stage for a unique, original and pumped-up energetic show every night. Book Blind Choice and everyone in the crowd will love them! 

Blind Choice have released several performances videos from the past three years they have been a band together featuring two performance-music videos directed by Vinnie Langdon III for their singles 'I Don't Exist' and 'Balance on The Floor.' You can check both out below and check us out on YouTube! 

Our Set List

Our Cover Set List

Our Stage Diagram

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